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Getting Started

Lyrion Music Server is a fully open source server software to power a wide range of audio players. With the help of many plugins, Lyrion Music Server can stream not only your local music collection, but content from many music services and internet radio stations to your players.

Download and install Logitech Media Server v8.5.2


The 64-bit version is the way to go moving forward. It's recommended to uninstall an existing 32-bit version before installing the 64-bit version. Please note that there's no Control Panel app any more, nor a try icon. Tools like eg. ServiceTray allow you to easily start/stop the LMS service.

Windows 32-bit (70 MB) Windows 64-bit (16 MB)

Then double click the downloaded package to launch the installation process in a familiar installation assistant.

Easy install using piCorePlayer

If you want to have an easily installed LMS on a Raspberry Pi and don't want to go the full Linux route as outlined below, you can use piCorePlayer. See the "Beginner's guide...".

Installation on Raspberry Pi OS

If you prefer to run your LMS on a full Linux system, or in parallel to other applications, use this method.

Raspberry Pi OS (31 MB)

Then install using your operating system's package manager dpkg (after installing a dependency):

sudo apt install libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl
sudo dpkg -i logitechmediaserver_x.y.z_*.deb

Debian / Ubuntu x86_64 (24 MB) Debian / Ubuntu - ARM (31 MB)

For Debian/Ubuntu you first need to install the necessary Perl dependencies:

sudo apt install libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl

Then install using your operating system's package manager dpkg:

sudo dpkg -i logitechmediaserver_x.y.z_*.deb

RedHat / Fedora (86 MB)

Install using rpm:

sudo rpm -i logitechmediaserver-x.y.z-1.noarch.rpm

Apple macOS (43 MB)

Then double click the downloaded package to launch the installation process in the macOS installer.


Sometimes macOS would refuse to open the installer, because the authenticity of the developer can't be confirmed. If that happens to you, open the installer using a right mouse click (or control-click), then "Open". You might have to do this twice, as first time you'd still be rejected. But the second time around you should be able to launch it anyway.

If you want to use external disks, you'll have to grant the perl "full disk access" permissions. You'd usually find this file in /Library/PreferencePanes/Squeezebox.prefPane/Contents/perl/bin/perl. See "Security & Privacy Preferences > Privacy > Full Disk Access" in the Mac's preference pane.

See lmscommunity/logitechmediaserver on Docker hub.

For Docker on Synology NAS see the Beginner's Docker Guide on Synology.

You can find more packages for more platforms on


Now you should be able to browse to http://yourserver:9000 (replace "yourserver" with localhost if you are at the same system as your new installation or with the hostname or IP address of that system if using a different device) and begin configuring the Lyrion Music Server.

Congrats, you're ready to Free your Music!