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How to Use #CURTRACK for Playlists Guide

The #CURTRACK statement is a capability in Lyrion Music Server (LMS) for playlists. You can insert a #CURTRACK 0 as the first statement in a playlist. This statement is only effective if "Play now (▶)" is used to start the playlist. If the "Append to queue (+)", "Play next" or shuffle is turned on the #CURTRACK statement will be ignored.

When #CURTRACK is active (meaning the playlist was started using the "Play now (▶)") LMS will update the number in the #CURTRACK statement to the track number prior to the currently playing track number. In this way you can stop the playlist, clear the play queue, play something else and at a later time restart the playlist with a "Play now (▶)" and the playlist will resume on the track that was playing when the playlist was stopped.

You can edit the playlist and change the number in the #CURTRACK statement and it will be honored the next time the playlist is started using "Play now (▶)". If the #CURTRACK statement is inserted in a playlist without a number it will be ignored by LMS regardless of how the playlist is started.

There is no need to rescan your library when you insert or modify the #CURTRACK statement in a playlist.

In any other music player #CURTRACK will be viewed as a comment and ignored.