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Hardware based

Between 2001 and 2010 Logitech (and its predecessor Slim Devices) released a series of network music players. The lineup consisted of the Squeezebox Classic, an all-in-one Squeezebox Boom, the dual unit Squeezebox Duet, the audiophile grade Transporter, the small and optionally battery powered Squeezebox Radio, and the newest of the bunch, the Squeezebox Touch.

Additionally, the Squeezebox Controller provides control of all your players via an attractive full color display. The Controller and Receiver were sold together as the Squeezebox Duet package.

The Radio, Touch and Controller software (operating system and application) is available as source code and have been modified by "the community". Software from Logitech: Operating system - Application Community versions: Operating system - Application

After 2010 the LMS community developed DIY hardware offerings.

Software based players

For mobile phones and tablets:

Specialist operating system with player / server

Software based controllers