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How to transfer files using WinSCP

Install WinSCP

Download the latest version of WinSCP and install according to their instructions.

Transfer a file

This is the method to transfer a opml file but it demonstrates the general procedure to transfer any file or folder e.g. music folders, if one does not use SMB.


This tutorial is written with a piCorePlayer (or short pCP) as the remote machine. The same principles apply to any SSH server. Change machine- and/or username as needed.

  • Both the Windows computer and the Raspberry Pi have to be on the same network.

  • On the Windows computer make a new folder on the desktop and paste the favourites.opml inside


When one starts WinSCP for the first time one is given the option to start in two different modes; we recommend the one that gives two panes side by side.

  • Stop LMS from running (on pCP you find the button on the LMS tab page)

  • Leave the File Profile at SFTP (Note; this setting can be changed, but for pCP it seems to work without a problem)

  • Then Log in to the Raspberry Pi, you need the IP address (or use its host name, like eg. pcp.local)

  • Leave the port # at 22

  • Enter the user name (which on pCP is tc by default)

  • Enter the user password (pCP: piCore by default)

  • Click on Login

  • When the Warning Box appears click on Update

You are presented with two screens:

The one on the left is the Windows computer you are using and the one on the right the remote machine (a Raspberry Pi with pCP).

  • In the Left Pane, select the location from the dropdown and then double click on the rewuired folder to open it.

  • In the right pane select <root> from the dropdown

  • From the list that appears below, navigate to /usr/local/slimserver/prefs

And this is where we go; one can either overwrite or rename the existing favourite.opml to oldfavourite.opml (I choose the latter; right click on the folder and click on rename from the dropdown).

  • Then in the left pane right click on the folder and choose upload from the dropdown.

  • Then click on OK in the box that appears

The file is uploaded.

Close WinSCP (click yes on the Termination warning box) and reboot the Pi.

Transfer a file as user root

Normally I use SFTP or SCP as File Protocal but sometimes one is denied permission to perform the task and one needs to utilise the user root.

  • Fill in the login detail as required and then click on Advanced

  • In the window that opens click on the following areas in sequence: "Shell"

  • then "sudo su" from the dropdown

  • then on OK

  • The window will close and then click on Login

This is a rpi 4B with LMS installed on the Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm Lite 64 bit: