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Adding translations

With the help of more than 30 volunteers LMS has already been translated into more than 17 languages!

If you would like to help us to make LMS even more globally accessible and have noticed a missing translation in your language, or would like to add a new language, you can help us by creating a pull request on Github for your changes in the file strings.txt. This file contains all translations of all text strings which are used in LMS and is pretty self-explanatory.

→ DE → Dies ist ein Text
→ EN → This is some text


The one important thing to keep in mind is to always single use tabs () rather than spaces to indent the strings, and to separate tokens from the actual content.

Every string must be available in English (EN), as that's what LMS would fall back to if a translation was missing.

Current coverage of translations

The data below can be skewed towards English, as there's no need to define terms for your language when the translation is identical to the English version.


If your translation would be identical to the English version, there's no need to redefine it for your language, as LMS would automatically fall back to English. Therefore there's no need to try to achieve 100% coverage!

{ "$schema": "", "title": "Coverage in %", "data": {"url": "/contributing/strings-coverage.json"}, "mark": "bar", "encoding": { "x": {"field": "Coverage", "type": "quantitative"}, "y": {"field": "Language", "type": "nominal", "sort": "-x"} } }