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Squeezebox Boom

The Squeezebox Boom was released in August 2008. It is the first all-in-one Squeezebox.

Based on the same architecture as the Squeezebox Classic, Squeezebox Boom includes front panel controls, auxiliary line-in, a 3.5mm jack output for subwoofer or headphones, front panel controls and a powerful DSP driving stereo bi-amplified two way speakers.

Technical details about the careful and innovative acoustic design can be found in this white paper.

The Squeezebox Boom was discontinued in 2012.

Service and repair

To open the Squeezebox Boom, you need a Torx TX10 screwdriver. Start by removing the speaker grilles. Pry with long fingernails or something that won't scratch them, and they should come off relatively easy.

There is no need to remove the deep set screws behind the speakers, unless you want service said speakers. For display, power or control related repairs, concentrate on the screws near the middle of the unit.


After years of use, the vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) can turn dim or patchy on some units, or go completely dark. This is either due to normal wear, or it could be a certain power supply rail failing. Read more about how to prevent or fix these problems here:


The PSU is 12V 2.5A DC, center positive. Connector: 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, 11mm long. A suitable replacement is the Meanwell GST40A12-P1J.

Sometimes a flaky power connection can be fixed simply by cleaning the barrel jack and corresponding plug, and applying some contact cleaner. It is worth trying before you open the unit up and reflow the solder joints.


When a Squeezebox Boom has been used at loud volume settings with bass heavy music, the woofers can fail. Read more here: