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Learn more about how this data is gathered

Bundled in LMS versions 8.5.1 and later is the "Report Analytics Data" plugin. This plugin doesn't collect personal data. It can be disabled like any plugin, but users are encouraged to keep it enabled. Reports will be sent a few minutes after the system start, and then once a week. The analytics data is sent to, for which the code is maintained on Github.

The following data is gathered:

  • Hashed UUID of server
  • LMS version and revision
  • Operating System
  • Perl version
  • Hardware platform
  • Number and types of connected players
  • List of installed plugins
  • Selected skin
  • Number of tracks
  • Country (a lookup is done based on the IP address of the LMS-server which is then discarded)

You can enable debug logging for to see what is being reported:

Slim::Plugin::Analytics::Plugin::_reportStats (53) nIj.............YhF8: {
  os          => "linux",
  osname      => "Debian (Docker)",
  perl        => "5.32.1",
  platform    => "x86_64-linux",
  playerTypes => { baby => 1, fab4 => 1, receiver => 1 },
  players     => 3,
  plugins     => [
  revision    => "1712965357",
  skin        => "Default",
  tracks      => 441,
  version     => "9.0.0",

How to disable the data collection

If you want to disable the data collection you can inactivate the plugin "Report Analytics Data" within LMS.

  1. Launch your web browser (eg. Edge, Firefox) and type: http://[ip address of LMS server]:9000. Then, press Enter.
  2. Go to "Settings" (on the bottom right of the page).
  3. Go to the "Manage plugins" tab.
  4. Search for the "Report Analytics Data" plugin and deselect the checkbox in front of it.
  5. Press Apply (on the bottom right).
  6. You will be prompted to reboot LMS, after restart the data collection has been disabled.